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Maintain'em Features

- Asset Database with 50+ available fields per item. User permissions can be determined by an admin user. 
- Assets can be tracked using location description, GPS location and custodian name.
- GPS location is captured when an asset is scanned and can be viewed on a map.
- Documents can be attached to an asset and sorted into folders and sub-folders.
- Inspection milestones can be set (date/fuel/hours/mileage) which trigger reports when exceeded.
- The reporting Functionality allows users to have quick and accurate access to asset information such as location and inspection requirements.
-  Import/Export functionality allows for simple, manual integration with client ERP systems. (e.g. SAP, Oracle, etc.)

Mobile scanner module to update location or status of an item in the yard.

Web Module with password protection allows user access from any computer with internet.

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