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Feedback & Complaints

We want to hear from you. Sharing your compliments, suggestions, or complaints  is the key to ensuring we continue to improve and provide the best possible service and care.

We want you to be confident that you can give feedback about our services, or raise a concern, and know that it will be treated in a timely, fair and transparent way:

1. Feel free to write email to us with appropriate title "feedback" "suggestion" "appeal" or "complaint" to:

2. If your feedback is complaint or issue we will investigate with a view to establish what actions can be taken  to achieve a suitable outcome.

3. One of our client solutions consultant will contact you on the outcome and reasons for the decision as well as any actions taken.


4. If you’re not satisfied, it will be escalated to our higher management who will take action until the issue is resolved 

5. Once we have responded to your satisfaction, we may follow up to confirm any ongoing improvements

Please note any appeal on exam results will be in alignment with Peoplecert policy. Candidates have the opportunity to review their exam results and, if applicable, to appeal. EAS can assist candidates to launch an appeal against the outcome of an exam. The candidate can review the taken exam no later than two (2) months after the date of the exam results notification

Candidate can decide to lodge an appeal by filling out the appeal processing form which will be provided by us.

We will then do our internal process and communication with Peoplecert and you will be notified of the outcomes.

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